What is NAJ TECH.?

NAJ Tech. Simply means Netram Adrian Jaundoo Technology/Technicians Located at Lot 70 Experiment W.C.B Guyana Don't come until
2020 Feb. 1st

When you have a Broken Device What do you do?

This is the right place for you to Fix that Problem, Don't throw that device away you spent your money and you a go tell me you will throw away that device eh! eh! Don't throw it away NAJ Tech. is the right place for you to fix that problem but i am very sorry for those who are Behind 2020 i mean NAJ Tech. is opening in 2020 and your device is broken in 2016 well for that you don't have to wait till NAJ Tech is open you can go to another Repair Shop i mean device repair not car Repair right and that reminds me NAJ Tech. Will also be looking after cars too if your car is giving you problem you can fix it here at NAJ tech. but you'll have to bring your parts We will tell you what kind of Parts Thanks For Reading---NAJ Tech.

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